Dear Prosperous Partner

As you know that knowledge is the key to success and unfortunately, some of us never get to experience that until a later stage in life. Research shows that about 80% of students coming from rural areas were they are considered underprivileged drop out of varsity in their first year of studies because of lacking the knowledge to make better career choices. At the same time, students coming from urban areas excel in their studies because they have been exposed and given the knowledge, therefore, they make better career choices.

I will elaborate, most rural schools primary and secondary have no exposure to Information Technology while a different student in the same grade in another province gets the knowledge and more. For example, they get taught Graphic Design, Information System, Financial subjects, etc. Having studied at a rural school myself I wish I had someone who is doing the same thing I wanted to do to show me what its all about and not only to tell me.

This is why now I submit a proposal for a Permanent Link project. The purpose of this project is to educate the underprivileged schools about Information Technology (IT), mainly programming side of it only to the students who either want to know more about IT or are interested in studying it further in tertiary. The project will focus on theory and practical (writing of programs). This is all provided for free. More about this project and the different kind of skills offered can be found here.

This project is aimed to start enrolling end of January 2018. Of course, the lessons will strategically be scheduled in a way that it does not affect their studies. It is worth noting that we are only proving the skill and not certifications/qualifications of any sorts.

We look forward to hearing positively from you for further collaboration.

Yours Sincerely,

Cedric Maenetja | Founder