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Unit 1 & 2
Learn by doing, and doing by learning. What does it mean? This means you will be learning to write programs as you write programs. Easy, right? You will be writing programs on paper first because if you can write it down you can code it.

What if I have a PC or Laptop?
If you have a PC or Laptop, you can choose to learn by writing code on paper or by coding on your computer.

Unit 1 & 2 are a prerequisite to these projects. This is an advanced level to program in. You choose the application that you want to complete.

Ones you have completed the project and is checked and vouched by our tutors you will be given an opportunity to publish the project to over 5 000 active users on our platform.

Therefore, before you start the project, you must ensure that it is a solution to a problem or problems people have. Or, an interesting application that people would like to use.


Tutors who will be teaching the subjects


Cedric Maenetja